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Entry #3

Made a new one int I!

2008-09-16 12:53:12 by OWRBtheo

Made a new video... it ain't flash though.
It's a public domain film from the 50's that I've dubbed my own voice over... it's really me experimenting with my new microphone, but I'm pretty pleased with it so give it a watch!

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2008-09-22 16:42:36

Your voice acting was so funny and well timed on this LOL.
Haha I loved the bit where you made the man say "sit the fuck down".
It looked like they should be saying what you made them say.
The quality on that mic is really good tho, where did you get it mate

OWRBtheo responds:

Thanks very much mate...
I got that mic for christmas, so I'm not sure were it's from, probly Ebay 'int it!
See ya, and let me know when you make your new film