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Made a new one int I!

2008-09-16 12:53:12 by OWRBtheo

Made a new video... it ain't flash though.
It's a public domain film from the 50's that I've dubbed my own voice over... it's really me experimenting with my new microphone, but I'm pretty pleased with it so give it a watch!

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Public Warning

2008-07-23 15:20:08 by OWRBtheo

Please watch my latest video "Public Warning" which is my greatest video ever! (Which isn't much of a feat to be honest). It's still a bit shaky and the graphics aren't exactly up to scratch, however I'm sure I'll get better!


2008-07-09 12:00:24 by OWRBtheo

All the flash works I've made so far have been a load of poop, so I shan't dare post them on this high expectation website. Although, I've got some time on my hands so I shall be making some good strong ones soon...